Top 5 Most Influential Artists Of The Twentieth Century

Art has undeniably affixed itself to our lives, entering into every part and it extends outside the walls of a gallery or museum. The 20th century was a time during which colossal shifts have taken place in so many different areas, from technology to literature and medicine to Arts in general. The arts of this century were characterized by socio-political reality and technological advancement from the late 19th century. It touched the traditional works of art and challenged the essence of postmodernism itself.
The 20th century recorded vibrant explorations of Expressionism, Cubism, Constructivism, Social Realism and other notable art movements. Every movement had its famous painters, ones that remain unbeatable as the ultimate creators of new ideas. Here is a list of top five most influential artists of the twentieth century whose work has deeply influenced the way we perceive art today.

CLAUDE MONET: Claude Monet impact was felt in the first quarter of the 20th century. He was born in the 19th century and died in 1926. Monet was one of the leading figures of the impressionist movement and his work was highly influential. Monet not only had an impact on other artists during the same period but he continues to influence students of art and artists to this very day. The “Impression, Sunrise” is one of his most celebrated artworks.

DAVID HOCKNEY: David Hockney impacted the world of Art during the second half of the 20th century and was an enormously significant figure of the 1960s pop-art movement. Hockney not only created paintings that are recognized as masterpieces internationally, but he also earned the respect of the Art world through his other artistic work like photography and set design.

JACKSON POLLOCK: Jackson Pollock was an American painter whose influence was felt in the first half of the 20th century. He used a never before seen technique of dripping paints across big canvases and this put him quickly on the map of the abstract world. Jackson Pollock remains one of the most important names of the abstract art genre. Although Jackson Pollock’s legacy holds to this day and is rock solid, his struggle with alcoholism was the cause of his untimely death. In 1944, the world was deprived of his genius.

ROY LICHTENSTEIN: Roy Lichtenstein’s artworks have become symbolic all through the 1960s pop-art movement. He is best known to have produced paintings that were hugely influenced by the world of comics. This is why Lichtenstein’s work has remained so popular and relevant until today. Lichtenstein’s paintings are rarely sold but when they do become available in the market they cost millions of dollars.

SALVADOR DALI: Salvador Dali is generally considered to be one of the leading figures of Surrealism. From the inception of his artistic voyage in mid 20th century in Spain, his talent was unquestionable and his skills in painting are still beyond the need for proof. Dali’s artworks were always quite appalling, one way or another, regarding their subject matter and they are full of symbolisms depicting them as something far beyond than the simple illustration of an odd scene.

The Most Famous Painters Of The 20th Century

To choose the topic of the art of the 20th century and all its famous painters are to choose an exciting, multifaceted, revolutionary period in the history of arts. This period represents the stage in which artists broke away from tradition and forever revolutionize the view of arts. The arts of this century took deep roots in the immediate socio-political reality and highly influential artistic and technological developments from the late 19th century. The Arts created in the 20th century was such that goes beyond its pure visual approach, hides an intellectual theory behind its mystifying façade and reaffirms and denies itself in exceptional ways.

The 20th century recorded vibrant explorations of Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism and Constructivism, Social Realism, Dadaism, Minimalism and other art movements. Every movement had its famous painters, ones that remain unbeatable as the ultimate creators of new ideas. These painters have continued to influence the upcoming generation of talented individuals who embraced their legacy and continued their contribution to the evolution of contemporary art today. Their intelligence and intellect remain a force to be reckoned with and the very spine of the 21st-century painting. Here is the list of the most influential artist of the 20th century.

KAZIMIR MALEVICH: Kazimir Malevich is also referred to as the Supreme Artist who rebelled against the dominating Social Realism and tradition in painting. He is the legendary creator of Suprematism and colour like White on White and Black Square on White Ground which in the mid-1910s shook the art world to its core. Kazimir Malevich believed that painting had to be free of social or political content, pure aesthetic, focused solely on its own form, line, shape and colour. He also believed that painting should evoke that ultimate subliminal feeling in its viewer. He proclaimed himself a “Cubo-Futurist” artist under the influence of the two movements at their peak in 1912.

PABLO PICASSO: Pablo Picasso is referred to as the Father of Cubism. Pablo Picasso is arguably the a figure of modernism and co-creator of one of the most influential movements; the Cubism. He introduced multiple points of view and various interpretation of a single subject that challenged the way we viewed our entire existence. Pablo Picasso’s art, influenced by French Impressionist art at the beginning of the 20th century, spanned a number of periods such as the Blue and the Rose. He also had a great impact on the further development of painting, sculpture, ceramics and printmaking.

JACKSON POLLOCK: Jackson Pollock is considered as one of the greatest and most prominent American painters. Jackson Pollock was a protégé of one wealthy collector and patron, Peggy Guggenheim. He was also called “Jack the Dripper” and was the pioneer of Abstract Expressionism. He is an artist who dripped and smeared his paint onto the laying canvas through a series of movements and gestures, thus giving life to Action Painting. His artworks ooze with drama, tension and energy, rejecting all the traditional techniques religiously used for centuries prior and inspired by the Mexican muralism and Surrealist automatism. Jackson Pollock artistic career was cut short by his untimely death in a car accident at the age of 44.

GEORGIA O’KEEFFE: Georgia refused to settle for the role of the wife of US photographer Alfred Stieglitz by becoming one of the most famous painters of her country and beyond. Georgia O’Keeffe and her sumptuous semi-abstract flowers in all beauty and glory marked the history of 20th-century art. She was also known for her captivating urban cityscapes, landscapes and still life. Georgia artwork was soaked in sublime colours and reminiscent shapes. Georgia O’Keeffe was an independent artist whose paintings stood out in the slightly hectic modernist scene of her time.

SALVADOR DALI: Salvador Dali is one of the most famous painters whose artworks never seize to amaze and intrigue. Salvador Dali was known for some of the colour pieces that are nothing short of a scrupulous visual representation of dreams and an astonishing creative state of mind. Salvador Dali is also considered the principal innovator of “paranoia criticism”. The paranoia criticism refers to a philosophy of art making that is ”irrational understanding based on the interpretive-critical association of delirious phenomena.” This philosophy is evident in his paintings and artworks.
Other notable artists of the 20th century include;

  • Piet Mondrian (Abstract Painter)
  • Frida Kahlo (Painful Reality Painter)
  • Francis Bacon (The Troubled Irish)
  • Andy Warhol (Pop Master)
  • Jean Michel Basquiat (The Graffiti King)

Top 5 Art Galleries In The World

It is kind of difficult trying to explain or define what puts an art gallery in the top five category in the world. Often, those that inevitable rise to the top represent now well-known artist and their estates. These galleries have an international presence through brick and mortar locations and regular number present at art fairs. Beyond the commercial achievement, great art galleries have the ability to frequently face up to the way things have been done in the past. They reinvent what is being done within the gallery walls, what is created outside the walls, supports modern and/ or political works and embrace the development of the accessible and modern mediums.

Art is experiencing an incredible commercial explosion right now and many of the galleries on this list dated back to the 80’s. Although some of this galleries are relatively old, some are also comparatively young and are adapting to the ever productive contemporary atmosphere. There is also room for the introductions of new gallery and discover the next generation of artist who will leave their mark in the art world forever. Here a list of the top five art galleries in the world;

THE LOUVRE MUSEUM: Sitting on the top of this list is the louvre museum situated in Paris, France. The louvre museum is home to the world most famous painting Mona Lisa. It is the oldest and largest museum in the capital of the European country of France. Since its inception in 2007, this majestic art gallery is ranked first on the list of the most visited museums in the world. It houses a pantheon of western art and many well admired pieces of artwork in the history of human civilization. It consists of over 35,000 collection of the best Greek Assyrian and Islamic art collections that has been collected for over five hundred years by the past French governments.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK): This art gallery was founded by a group of American nationals. It contains works of arts from ancient Egypt and classical antiquity and assets from Asia, Africa, byzantine, oceanic and the Islamic part of the world. It is home to various sculptures and splendid paintings from almost all the European masters along with a wide collection of American and Modern Art.

BRITISH MUSEUM (LONDON): The British museum is one of the world’s utmost art galleries if history and culture. It houses the largest amount of permanent collection of over eight million works. This art works were collected from different continents illustrating the chronicles of human culture from its early stages to the present. The artifacts present in the British museum include those from Babylon, Assyria, Israel, Canaan, and Rome and amongst others.

NATIONAL GALLERY (LONDON): The national gallery is one of the oldest art museums of the world and the U.K. It was established in the year 1824 and located on the Trafalgar square. It is home to antique collections of 2300 paintings from the mid thirteenth century of the 1900s. The works of Botticelli Michelangelo, Rembrandt and other notable contemporary artist can be found in this art gallery.

TATE MODERN (LONDON): The Tate modern was constructed in the 1950s and was closed in 1981 due to increase in oil prices; however, it was reopened in May 2000. It houses a collection of contemporary art from 1900s arranged in theme with every room mixing chronology and periods. The Tate museum is said to accommodate over four million visitor annually

The Richest Painters In The World

Looking for the richest painters in the world can prove a rather difficult mission because many of these artists reveal how much they’re worth. Most of them truly don’t know or care about finding out their own actual wealth,; they’re too busy working on their next artistic masterpiece. Paintings are only listed at a certain price when a buyer inquires about it at a gallery showing, or at some of the most prestigious art museums.
By looking at these figures, you can see the amount of money an artist feels their paintings are worth. Although, these figures don’t tell who has more money than another it does help to validate the claimed wealth of the painters on this list. This list will only look at the richest living painters, as many painters have become famous and wealthy after their death. So as the modern world allows for painters to get rich before their passing, here are some of the richest painters in the world are today.

DAVID HOCKNEY: David Hockney is one of the most prominent and financially successful British artists in history. He is calculated to have an estimated worth of $40 million. He is one painter on this list who has embraced the digital age and has recently shown some of his artwork via IPad. He sold his most recent painting a portrait for $8 million in 2009.

TAKASHI MURAMAKI: Takashi Muramaki is estimated to have a worth of $100 million makes him one of the richest painters in the world. He has over 100 employees working on applying his art to various platforms in order to sell his paintings. He made a famous Kanye West album cover. He has also painted on a variety of Louis Vuitton items through a collaboration that has earned him millions. Takashi is also responsible for Pharrell’s foray into the fashion world and he continues to stretch creative limits with paintings ranging from abstract to cartoonish.

ANDRE VICARI: Vicari is worth over $140 million and is known best for his work on painting portraits for the rich and famous. The Welsh painter has reportedly lost a bit of his value over the years as more paintings have come to the pole position of popularity in the digital age. He was notably known for painting for Kings and Princes and it proved lucrative for him. He was reported to have sold as much as $27 million worth of paintings to one royal family in Saudi Arabia in one sale.

DAVID CHOE: David Choe is estimated at a worth of $200 million. Choe is a graffiti artist who achieved fortune and fame largely due to social media and the internet. The Korean painter is known for his graffiti work and murals, yet he has also expanded his sights into graphic novels as well. He is known to be a bit unconventional as many artists supposedly are and his uniqueness and mystique have helped him turn his passion into wealth.

JASPER JOHNS: With the American Flag being worth $80 million, Jasper John is reported to have an overall net-worth of $300 million. This American painter is best known for painting the American Flag, which he supposedly thought of during a dream. He has long painted different types of maps and flags and has recently gone into trying his luck in the realm of sculptures. While he is one of the richest painters in the world, he does not have the record of others on this list.

DAMIEN HIRST: Damien Hirst, a British artist is estimated to be worth over $1 billion now. In 2008, he raised $198 million for one exhibit. He became popular for a slew of projects showing dead animals preserved in a display case. He is also responsible for creating “spin paintings”, which make things on a flat surface look as though they’re spinning, and has continued to monetize his brand in ways never seen before. Hirst is known to be somewhat of a “sell-out” in the artistic world, as unlike the rest of the painters on this list Hirst promotes his wealth.