Movies That Are Better Watched When High

Movies have entertained, inspired, dazzled, and provoked, since the birth of film in the 1890s. While there is a veritable sea of good films, there’s also quite a few flunks. What’s interesting though, is how with a few puffs your perspective of both loathed and loved movies may change. For this article, we assume that any movie primarily related to marijuana, or targeted at pot smokers, is better when high. So, they won’t be mentioned. Sorry Cheech and Chong. Also see if you are eligible to use medical marijuana.

Donnie Darko / S. Darko

This time travel adventure is a psychological trip. From the moment when a giant bunny tells Donnie that his world is going to end, to its devastating climax, Donnie Darko is filled with dark humour, outstanding visuals, and a compelling story that leaves you wanting more. This movie, and its lesser known sequel (which focuses on Donnie’s sister, in the future), are amazing when sober. While high, they may be the most thought-provoking movies you ever see, if not the saddest.

Quentin Tarantino

Arguably, each Tarantino movie deserves their own section. From the ‘bucket episode’ approach of Reservoir Dogs and Hateful 8, the flash of Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers, to the absurdity of Django Unchained, Tarantino movies are known for their non-linear natures, social commentary, graphic violence, and satire. While these a great movie when sober, a few puffs add a whole new layer of depth to these timeless classics. This also applies to movies by Tarantino’s close friend and business associate Roger Rodriguez.

Breakfast of Champions

This adaption of Vonnegut’s novel of the same title is often considered to be one of the worst movie adaptations in history. While I venomously disagree with that assessment, it’s understandable to see why. Starring Bruce Willis, Breakfast of champions follows Kilgore Trout’s journey across America, to be awarded for his pulp science fiction, to the idyllic Midland City.
Midland City is changing though, and strange men in hazmat suits are beginning to appear everywhere. Dwayne Hoover, (Bruce Willis) is a local car dealer undergoing turbulent changes in his life, until he meets Hoover, and suddenly the world makes sense.
The best thing about Breakfast of Champions is it’s numerous faucets. While society appears to be collapsing, what you are really witnessing is the collapse of individuals, and how the world seems to be collapsing from their perspective. Trust us; you’re going to want a joint for this one.

Altered States

Another novel adaptation, Altered States is known for its visuals and obscurity. Based on sensory deprivation studies conducted using hallucinogens, this is both Drew Barrymore and William Hurt’s debut film. The acting is outstanding, and the story is both terrifying, provocative, and funny. This masterful work of science fiction and horror is best watched in an altered state.

The Babysitter

Though billed as a horror, The Babysitter comes off more like an action comedy. Cole Johnson is a scared child, who can’t stand up for himself. His babysitter Bee invites friends over one night after Cole pretends to go to bed, and Cole discovers that they Bee is the leader of a Satanic Cult, much to her displeasure. What is a scared child to do? Obviously, use Home-Alone styled antics to kill off each member of the cult, one by one.
The Babysitter offers some great one-liners and amusing death scenes, but also has its share of philosophical moments and outstanding visuals. If you thought it was good sober, wait until you’ve had a joint!