The Richest Painters In The World

Looking for the richest painters in the world can prove a rather difficult mission because many of these artists reveal how much they’re worth. Most of them truly don’t know or care about finding out their own actual wealth,; they’re too busy working on their next artistic masterpiece. Paintings are only listed at a certain price when a buyer inquires about it at a gallery showing, or at some of the most prestigious art museums.
By looking at these figures, you can see the amount of money an artist feels their paintings are worth. Although, these figures don’t tell who has more money than another it does help to validate the claimed wealth of the painters on this list. This list will only look at the richest living painters, as many painters have become famous and wealthy after their death. So as the modern world allows for painters to get rich before their passing, here are some of the richest painters in the world are today.

DAVID HOCKNEY: David Hockney is one of the most prominent and financially successful British artists in history. He is calculated to have an estimated worth of $40 million. He is one painter on this list who has embraced the digital age and has recently shown some of his artwork via IPad. He sold his most recent painting a portrait for $8 million in 2009.

TAKASHI MURAMAKI: Takashi Muramaki is estimated to have a worth of $100 million makes him one of the richest painters in the world. He has over 100 employees working on applying his art to various platforms in order to sell his paintings. He made a famous Kanye West album cover. He has also painted on a variety of Louis Vuitton items through a collaboration that has earned him millions. Takashi is also responsible for Pharrell’s foray into the fashion world and he continues to stretch creative limits with paintings ranging from abstract to cartoonish.

ANDRE VICARI: Vicari is worth over $140 million and is known best for his work on painting portraits for the rich and famous. The Welsh painter has reportedly lost a bit of his value over the years as more paintings have come to the pole position of popularity in the digital age. He was notably known for painting for Kings and Princes and it proved lucrative for him. He was reported to have sold as much as $27 million worth of paintings to one royal family in Saudi Arabia in one sale.

DAVID CHOE: David Choe is estimated at a worth of $200 million. Choe is a graffiti artist who achieved fortune and fame largely due to social media and the internet. The Korean painter is known for his graffiti work and murals, yet he has also expanded his sights into graphic novels as well. He is known to be a bit unconventional as many artists supposedly are and his uniqueness and mystique have helped him turn his passion into wealth.

JASPER JOHNS: With the American Flag being worth $80 million, Jasper John is reported to have an overall net-worth of $300 million. This American painter is best known for painting the American Flag, which he supposedly thought of during a dream. He has long painted different types of maps and flags and has recently gone into trying his luck in the realm of sculptures. While he is one of the richest painters in the world, he does not have the record of others on this list.

DAMIEN HIRST: Damien Hirst, a British artist is estimated to be worth over $1 billion now. In 2008, he raised $198 million for one exhibit. He became popular for a slew of projects showing dead animals preserved in a display case. He is also responsible for creating “spin paintings”, which make things on a flat surface look as though they’re spinning, and has continued to monetize his brand in ways never seen before. Hirst is known to be somewhat of a “sell-out” in the artistic world, as unlike the rest of the painters on this list Hirst promotes his wealth.