Top 5 Art Galleries In The World

It is kind of difficult trying to explain or define what puts an art gallery in the top five category in the world. Often, those that inevitable rise to the top represent now well-known artist and their estates. These galleries have an international presence through brick and mortar locations and regular number present at art fairs. Beyond the commercial achievement, great art galleries have the ability to frequently face up to the way things have been done in the past. They reinvent what is being done within the gallery walls, what is created outside the walls, supports modern and/ or political works and embrace the development of the accessible and modern mediums.

Art is experiencing an incredible commercial explosion right now and many of the galleries on this list dated back to the 80’s. Although some of this galleries are relatively old, some are also comparatively young and are adapting to the ever productive contemporary atmosphere. There is also room for the introductions of new gallery and discover the next generation of artist who will leave their mark in the art world forever. Here a list of the top five art galleries in the world;

THE LOUVRE MUSEUM: Sitting on the top of this list is the louvre museum situated in Paris, France. The louvre museum is home to the world most famous painting Mona Lisa. It is the oldest and largest museum in the capital of the European country of France. Since its inception in 2007, this majestic art gallery is ranked first on the list of the most visited museums in the world. It houses a pantheon of western art and many well admired pieces of artwork in the history of human civilization. It consists of over 35,000 collection of the best Greek Assyrian and Islamic art collections that has been collected for over five hundred years by the past French governments.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK): This art gallery was founded by a group of American nationals. It contains works of arts from ancient Egypt and classical antiquity and assets from Asia, Africa, byzantine, oceanic and the Islamic part of the world. It is home to various sculptures and splendid paintings from almost all the European masters along with a wide collection of American and Modern Art.

BRITISH MUSEUM (LONDON): The British museum is one of the world’s utmost art galleries if history and culture. It houses the largest amount of permanent collection of over eight million works. This art works were collected from different continents illustrating the chronicles of human culture from its early stages to the present. The artifacts present in the British museum include those from Babylon, Assyria, Israel, Canaan, and Rome and amongst others.

NATIONAL GALLERY (LONDON): The national gallery is one of the oldest art museums of the world and the U.K. It was established in the year 1824 and located on the Trafalgar square. It is home to antique collections of 2300 paintings from the mid thirteenth century of the 1900s. The works of Botticelli Michelangelo, Rembrandt and other notable contemporary artist can be found in this art gallery.

TATE MODERN (LONDON): The Tate modern was constructed in the 1950s and was closed in 1981 due to increase in oil prices; however, it was reopened in May 2000. It houses a collection of contemporary art from 1900s arranged in theme with every room mixing chronology and periods. The Tate museum is said to accommodate over four million visitor annually